Path to Kotei

I must admit that post-TDoW, I’m stumped on what exact deck to build. There are simply too many choices. Although I specialize nowadays to mostly Phoenix / Dragon / Ronin decks, the amount of decks available in the pool is just too tempting to stay true to the clan. In all honesty, all clans can field at least 2 tier one decks, capable of wrecking havoc in the environment.

The first kotei, in fact the first three will kickoff 26th feb 2011. After that, we will see what the initial slew of decks will impress us the overall perceived metagame. And while two koteis will be in US and one will be in Spain, I’m very much looking forward to Spain’s results as Europe playstyle is more my cup of tea.

Initial prediction though? I would say that initially, you will see each clan sporting these decks will probably make it top 16 due to surpise factor, plain consistency or lack of metagame against it. It is listed in no particular order, as below.

1. Crab Commander
2. Crane Dishonor
3. Dragon Kensai
4. Lion Swarm
5. Mantis Magistrate control
6. Phoenix Spell Military
7. Scorpion Dishonor
8. Spider Monkensai
9. Unicorn Tactician

I must admit it can be a bit annoying not being able to predict the metagame accurately, but it also shows that L5R is at a peak, so many clans and so many ways to play it. Balanced. That’s what I would say…. (Until someone shows up with a almost unbeatable, consistent deck…. )

Exciting! That’s what I would say..


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  1. Crane Artisan Dishonor is going to be the wild card this time around. Despite the onset of the deck, you can suffer terribly if your opponent makes all the right choices.

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