First WS tournament

So I had my first WS tournament at Alex’s place in Atria yesterday. I managed to snag the last seat, denying other more experienced players from joining. It was okay I guess, went 2-2 with a common/uncommon deck, so yeah, the experience was fun for me. The general crux of WS is still ratio management, I saw first hand how top decks crash and burn because of ill-timed Climax control.

Another thing I noticed was damage dealing control is also crucial. Dealing too much at a wrong time is disastrous. Perfectly timed counters also made the top guy winning the tournament (well, I think he won, I had to scoot off right after my match).

There were lots of people trying out Black Rock Shooter decks. Generally I managed to find out that a guy bought an average of 9 boxes to have enough to build a deck. There’s a couple of Nanoha and Railgun, 1 mixed deck that really did well and quite a number of Haruhi as well. Oh and 3 Melty Blood decks including mine. Apparently I’m the only one running a splash deck while everyone else pretty much stuck to a single colour or theme (like a Door theme, or a Book theme).

I have an idea for a hurricane mix deck theme but I’m still finding out what cards to include, seeing as some event cards also has the hurricane icon on it. The tournament exposure really opened my eyes to more deck ideas. And that is awesome. Just acquired F/SN starter too. I don’t mind buying a couple more starters because the two cards with one copy is pretty awesome for level 0.

This card is deceptively awesome


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  1. Ahah, congrats for your placing, not bad for a first timer lol… though i’ve yet to try it out myself. Most likely my first time will be after getting my Railgun Uiharu deck (still in the hunting process).

    Another thing, just let me know when you’ll be popping up again, will bring the F/SN starter for you…

    P.S.: Cardfight! Vanguard is coming, will try it out to see whether it’s worth picking up or not hahah…

  2. I’ll be popping back up again this Sunday if nothing gets in my way, 😉 I’m staying out of Vanguard. That looks like another money sinker :p

  3. Stayout of Cardfight! Vanguard. It looks a lot like Yugioh and from what i’ve seen so far, all the power stat cards are all on the rares and ultra rares.

  4. In other words you’re not going to stand a chance without the ultra rares. That sounds familiar somehow….

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