Dirty Storytelling Birds pt 3

Right, we already finished the personality base with a count of 24. So now lets round the Dynasty deck up by filling it with holdings, events and whatnot. Let’s see what we have for the deck so far, we have:

A lot of artisans.

Expensive uniques.

A fair number of duelists.

Okay, we don’t have any dishonour control shenanigans, but we do have honour loss control try armlock the opponent to give us honour instead. So let’s work with that. This deck also relies on having a great top draw for maximum honour gain/loss. Not only that, but we have a lot of artisans to take advantage off this time around. So:

3 Marketplace (duh)

3 Dockside Market (for the expensive peeps)

3 Exotic Goods

2 Private Records (for making full use of Gisei and Bukita)

2 Corrupted Governor (as above, also enhances Nukada)

1 Traveling Peddler

1 Counting House

So that’s already 15 holdings and 24 pesonalities. 39 cards. The most obvious is to round it up with Doji’s Guidance and we’ll call it a day 🙂 You CAN play with 1 Private Records and 1 Corrupted Governor if you want to include a couple of meta events or regions, but I included 2 of each because the amount of support it gives to the deck is huge, seeing them earlier is certainly a good thing.

To recap, here’s what our Dynasty deck looks so far:

Embassy of the Crane

3 Doji Nukada
3 Daidoji Gisei
3 Doji Bukita
3 Doji Shikishi
3 Kakita Hideo
3 Doji Kazuo
Doji Domotai xp4
Tamago xp
Utagawa xp
Kakita Noritoshi xp2
Asahina Beniha xp
Asahina Ekei xp

3 Marketplace
3 Dockside Market
3 Exotic Goods
2 Private Records
2 Corrupted Governor
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Counting House

Doji’s Guidance

I’ll come back next time as we start exploring the Fate side.


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