Dirty Storytelling Birds pt 2

This would probably a short entry as I try to fill up the deck. We’re going to look at how the Embassy of the Crane works with the key peeps that we listed out the last time. The way I see it, the deck LOVES high focus value cards. I mean like really loves it. Usually when it comes to high focus values we think of dueling automatically, so let’s do that.

We don’t need expensive duelists to hold the fort, mostly we need one or two cheap spuds to take out those pesky high attachment low chi targets. For this, 2 duelists pop into mind:

3 Kakita Hideo

3 Doji Kazuo(whut?)

Okay, Kazuo is a bad card. Period. So why him? Well, for his traits, mostly. A samurai/courtier/duelist is very flexible in this sort of deck where courtier presence is actually quite important to tie up the effects offered by our storytellers. Starting off at 8 honour means that his drawback trait is a bit easier to swallow now.

3 Doji Shikishi.

If you have that much, lucky you. She’s a no-brainer in this deck. She can supply you with the favour and let you breath a bit easier about defending your provinces… well, somewhat. So that’s effectively… what? 18 personalities so far? That normally signals us to fill up the rest with awesome uniques.

The best thing about this deck is that you can go wild with the uniques. Anyone you put inside will benefit the deck. Fit in with 4 uniques for a nice fit of 22 peeps. Though you can push it up to 26 if you wish. For me, 22-24 is the sweet spot. My choice would be:

Doji Domotai xp4

Tamago xp

Utagawa xp

Kakita Noritoshi xp2

Asahina Beniha xp

Asahina Ekei xp

For a total of 24 peeps. The big fat duelists are there for distraction purposes :p Alright, peep base looks good so far. I’ll continue next time with holdings selection. p/s: Exotic Goods is a no-brainer. Duh.

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