Them new Cranes are durrrteeee

Yes, you heard it right folks. Cranes are dirty extortionists in the recent The Dead of Winter expansion. Already the brokenness of Doji Nukada + Daidoji Gisei/Doji Bukita is felt. If you add in Corrupted Governor, it’s worse. With Private Records, you’re just being mean. The fact that consistent honour loss that can be maintained solely via the Dynasty cards alone makes it ridiculous.

I guess that’s what the Crane get for losing the heir. We suddenly turn into the mafia and threaten our opponents to give us honour or lose oodles of honour instead. It’s like the Godfather threatening you at gunpoint saying “Tell me I’m pretty.” and you’re trying very hard not to pee yourself in the process. Of course, the gun is empty, but the result of a wet pair of trousers is the same when he presses the trigger.

It’s a new dirty world for Crane. But at least the pretty babes are still there 🙂

I’ll be cooking up a deck really soon. It looks fabulous so far in my head. It’s a deck that can do both honour and dishonour in the same breath of one action simultaneously. It’s ridiculous.


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  1. Forgot to mention, banner was done by SpookyElectric via the

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