So why no deck list?

Quite frankly, it is super weird for me to get into a ccg and NOT make a decklist at one point or another and post it online. However, I simply can’t do that with WS because the series I’m playing at the moment simply does not have a reliable translation of the card titles. Yep, I know what each card can do, but not the titles. Fun, right? ^.^

That being said, I’m pretty happy with my two Melty Blood common/uncommon decks. They work as well as I want them to and they’re pretty basic, though my Green/Red deck is like super suicidal at the moment. I found out that Green/Blue and Red/Yellow pairing can be super fun as well, but I’m going to milk out these two decks first at a mini tourney (with limited seats, literally) and see how it goes.

I bet it’d be fun 🙂

Then again, Fate/Stay Night has full card title translations. Hmmmmmm……


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  1. Daigotsu Nanoha

    Well, if you want translations of the card titles, I can always help, since when I make my list I also translate the titles myself (I love translating, makes me better in Japanese somehow…)

    P.S: Still wondering when can I get my Basara deck ready…

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