The Little Sensei explores Way of the Samurai 3

Got this off Inzen a couple of days ago, and only managed to clock in roughly 3 hours on it. With 2 deaths so far. Ouch. It’s roughly a GTA feudal japan but the area is really really small. Why a small province with only 1 village would have 2 castles I have idea.

So far, I have:

  1. Delivered a couple of messages for money.
  2. Made fun of a suiciding guy… that didn’t suicide.
  3. Accidentally joined the Ouka clan with a boss that looks evil but he really just promotes laissez faire type of government. Which is cool, in a way. It also makes the clan’s agenda very evil if he wishes it.
  4. Cut vegetables and almost died from thrown stone lanterns from a mad housewife that wanted to feed her kids.
  5. Killed a crazed killer.
  6. Knocked out a suicidal religious fanatic. Twice. Same guy.
  7. Met a crazy guy who wanted to be an insect >.>
  8. Ringed a huge ass bell. Which is harder than it looks. But I got 100 yen off it.
  9. Met 2 kid monks with an onion stalk as a weapon.
  10. Cut a very big tuna. Almost broke my weapon too.

So yup. Crazy stuff. I just hope I won’t die so I don’t have to do ALL that stuff over and over again. Or maybe I’ll just play it differently. Hmmm…

All this to tide me over till I have the cash to plunk on Assassin’s Creed II or Brotherhood.


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