Understanding WS…

This is a common card. Weep now

Here’s the thing about the game… the “cooler” a series is in the Schwarz section, the more combotastic and technical the deck building will be. In other words, harder to play.

Whereas in the Weiss section, the cuter the series, the more OMGsuperuberpowerful cards it gets.

Just an astute observation. I’ve yet to be proven wrong yet because none of my immediate play group plays any Weiss stuff so far.

p/s: The Fate/Stay Night starter deck rocks! If a bit confusing to grasp at first.


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  1. Probably. But it still follow the conventional rarity, for a common, as powerful as it seems, it is level 3 that costs 3 stock. That’s hard to pull off actually, as usually you’re strapped for stock. Now, imagine this card in rare form, it will cheaper.. much cheaper.

    And yes, in my opinion the convention holds, the cooler / cuter it is, the more powerful it will be.

  2. This is her ability:

    【C】The Character facing this card gets -1 Soul.
    【A】When the Character battling this card becomes REVERSE, you may place that Character in Stock.

    I suspect it’s the first ability that bumped her cost up. Of course, if she were a rare, she’d be a lvl 3 cost 2 at least.

    addendum: She’s worth 3 cost. I almost missed that she deals 3 soul damage.

  3. I thought that was obvious. I noticed the soul damage the first thing. And yes, as a rare, she would probably be 2 cost.

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