Sengoku Basara…

…is unexpectedly good. Granted, I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far but it’s kinda cool. There’s a displacement of English spoken by Date Masamune and the modern overtone to the whole series but that’s okay, it’s kinda like Samurai Champloo in a way. The story is really simple, it tells of Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune during the warring states of fuedal Japan (the Oda Nobunaga mess).

But the cards in WS however… well, only the EP set is worth having. But then, there’s not a lot that you can do with the EP set alone. The base set takes the art direction that is totally unlike the rest of the series within the game. I guess I like it, but the disparity of the art style makes it look so… alien and out of place.

I guess I would’ve liked the WS series if the artwork for the base set was taken directly from the episode still. But as it is, it’s really hard to love cards which have messy art on them :/

I took a quick look at the other series in WS as well thanks to littleakiba. I guess I’d love the Phantom series. Having guns as Events are awesome. The Nanoha line looks to be a bazooka on crack, but seeing how much I have to collect through all the series made me say “Eh…”

Fate/Stay Night would be my next candidate for a secondary series. Having a common card which says “I’ll wrath your lvl2 and below characters” is saying something. Oh yeah.


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