Deck building catharsis and game burnout

I think I’ve hit a stumbling block when it comes to building new decks. Deck building starts becoming a problem when you’ve created that one hit wonder that nobody can beat you before, and then you decide to retire it and try something new. The problem is, none of your new decks are up to par and you kinda forgot how to rebuild your old one and the balance is off the kilter.

Yeah, I’m kinda in that stage right now. It sucks, but it happens. Usually I regain my composure by playing a different game, taking 5 while something insightful hit me during my hiatus. Well, I’m going to take that temporary break now. Probably try out WS while I’m at it. Deck building WS is mean. Now THAT’s a game that can punish you for not placing priority on balance.

So far I’m having a burnout on L5R and Warmahordes. The latter because I don’t want my baby to “terkenan” one of the more grosteque minis so I’m not one to take chances. Such cases are very rare, but they do happen, so I’m not taking chances. With card games, I can more or less control my compositions more. For L5R, I’ll probably buy TDoW starter to get Beniha and try to get Noritoshi, then see where to go from there. The old “boots” deck is calling me and I feel like returning to it and refurbishing it with snazzy new cards. It should be fabulous, but we’ll see. Ultimately, if I can pull of dueling zen in CE, I’ll be a really happy panda. Just don’t expect me to expand that game too aggressively.

So that leaves me with Japanese CCG’s and PS3. Oh joy! I’ll take a crack at WS. The way the translation are laid out makes it a bit hard to help me remember cards and what they do, but the game is really a breath of fresh air. At least it’ll be cheaper than L5R and Warmahordes (well, for what you get, that is, but it’s up for debate).


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  1. Burned out on Warmahordes already…?

  2. Speaking of which, I still haven’t seen your Runners converted into Berserkers yet; they done yet?

  3. Yeah, kinda burnt out. And no, I haven’t done the conversions yet. But they should be easy enough. I’m thinking of bulking them up a bit and adding bits like Berserker shoulder pads so they won’t look too out of place.

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