It’s all about Evangelion

I’m a sucker for new games. Seriously. I’m still playing L5R on a rather full time and recently have restarted Hordes. I do get itchifed with other random games. Recently, the local group caught the Pokemon bug, so they all are playing pokemon. But I’m not gonna revisit that particular game.

What caught my eye however, is Weiß Schwarz by Bushiroad.

It’s a Japanese CCG, using some of the more well known and popular anime, such as Suzumiya Haruhi, D Capo, Fate Stay Night, Fairy Tail and some other. Video games is also included such as King of Fighters, Persona 3 & 4, Disgaea.

What pulled me in is that the gameplay system is very simple. Think Harry Potter CCG released by Wizards few years back and you more or less get it. The beauty of the game is that the game is modular. So, every new expansion released, is only about one series. What made me purchase, was the release of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Or to be precise, they were using the new movies, Rebuild of Evangelion.

So the game can be self contained. You only like King of Fighters, by all means, collect of KOF. So you don’t need to go out of your way to collect everything if you dont want to. No doubt there will be a faction/anime or two that is a bit stronger than the rest, but generally you have no problems. I’m not going to talk much about the game mechanics itself, since i’m still learning it myself. I’ll get more into that later once i fully get used to the game mechanics.

The art, is beautiful since they are using the new HQ movie art. For example, Unit-01

I managed to get another fellow to pick up the starter for Fairy Tail. Going to have a random battle to get used to the game system. — for quick reference.


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  1. If I’m going to start another game, I’m going to fully liquidate one of my other games to roll the cash. It looks awesome (dammit!)

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