Thematic Army Lists

I’ve been hit by a bug lately. The prospect of fielding a thematic army appeals to me more and more every day. Not thematic as in paint schemes, but as in the list itself. Thematic as in following a simple rule that all your models must share to make up your army. Of course, when it comes to your warcaster/warlock an exception must be allowed since not all of them might fit your chosen theme. So let’s look at a very simple 25 pt example:

The Axe Gang.

For Khador, this is easy. A lot of the models have axes in their hands. They even have 2 dedicated warcasters with axes, namely Butcher and Karchev. Seeing an entire army of axe wielding models can be intimidating as well as making you feel awesome before the fight starts. The advantage is only psychological, there’s no apparent strategical advantage in building your army towards a specific list unless you really tailor them to fit together.

Let’s take this one:

Koldun Lord
Greylords Ternion

It’s a simple list of marauding jacks with Greylords freezing targeted models so they can apply axe to face better. The best thing is: they all have axes. From that list, it looks like I’m only missing the Ternions. Hmmm… interesting…

Then again, there’s always the AOE Khador:

War Dog
MoW Bombardiers
2x WG Mortar Crew

I had 1 extra point, the dog was a necessary evil. Oh yeah, I bet I’m going to have fun with these lists… if I can ever build them in the first place >.<

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