Trolling around with Hordes

Yar… I finally bit the bullet and decided to swathe through with Hordes. I honestly have a hard time selecting what to play in Hordes because neither faction has that wow factor to pull me in the first time. But in the end, I decided on Trolls because they look so awesome. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, looks win at the end of the day. The same criteria that got me choosing Khador years ago 😛

But instead of bullishly buying models like I did with Khador, I did the smart thing: I bought the force book first. The purchase would probably save me a lot more money in the end because I can finally budget my purchases in a more controlled manner. I’m $till going for the 15-25-35 point purchase route to $ave ca$h, but I’ll probably end up buying about 75 points worth of models in the end. But that’ll take time, not one big purchase.

So what’s the warlock of choice for me? I like ’em all, surprisingly. This never happened to me when I looked at WM casters, not even Khador (I wouldn’t touch Butcher with a 10 foot pole personally, despite how awesome he is, don’t like the model of either version of him). Well okay, eHoarluk looks a bit lamer than his Primal version. But yeah, choosing one is tough. I ended up liking 4 ‘locks: Grim, Gunbjornn, Calandra and Borka.

They each bring something unique to the table but the one I decided to start off with is Grim. Albino hunter with a gun that shoots “eat me” beacons for my Dire Trolls to snack on? Fun. So let’s get down to business: My first 15. I like jack/beast heavy because of the amount of models involved. So I’m not going to go out of my own tradition with Trolls and decided on a beast heavy army. Here’s my first 15:

Earthborn Dire Troll (the forums say it’s awesome with Grim)
Troll Impaler
Slag Troll

Actually, Grim works just as well out of the Battlebox. The only problem is Trolls don’t have a 1 point filler if I stick to the Mauler. Besides, the Slag Troll just looks mean.


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