Blue office politics (the remix version)

I had fun with this deck. I played a skeletal version of it on Saturday night and it was warm and fuzzy seeing it all blend together like good coffee. But I instantly saw a few holes to plug in which would make my deck go beyond my normal 40/40. Anyway, here’s the basic version that I ran:

Seven Fold Palace (gotta love this box)


Winter’s Embrace

2 Mountainous Region
Well-Defended Border

3 Kakita Reisei
2 Chuda Kanashi
3 Doji Bukita
3 Doji Tsubota
3 Doji Umakai
Otomo Seimi
Doji Domotai xp4
Doji Ayano xp
Asahina Ekei xp
Asahina Okimoto
Daigotsu Oki
Doji Odaka

3 Marketplace
2 Acrobat Troupe
3 My Father’s Shrine
3 Exotic Goods
2 Rich Coffers
1 Counting House
1 Traveling Peddler


2 Touch of Ice

3 An Imperial Marriage
2 Control
3 Hamstrung
2 Outer Walls
3 Wall of Honor
3 Sullied Gift
3 Paid Off
3 Forewarning
3 Private Whispers
3 Power of Innocence
3 Reckless Confrontation
3 Stand Down!
2 Settling the Homeless

Iweko’s Journals
Heavenly Blade of the Crane

So what’s missing? Well, the deck ran into a one big problem:


Seriously, stuff like Scout Armor and Chagatai’s Armor make me cry when I see them on the table. A fully tricked out unit with a gazillion followers can also give me fits if it gets into battle. If enough people plays an old card Call For Battle, this deck is as good as dead (well, 3 provinces are confirmed dead in any case).

My previous deck had problems with movement as well but I fixed that with a couple of regions. But most of all, my deck could benefit from 2 staple cards which I purposely did not include in this version: Ring of Void and Doji’s Guidance. Assuming I managed to put both of them in for a 41/41 deck, the attachment bit will still give me headaches.

I’m looking very closely at Synchronized Attack to tackle this very problem. Basing on my personality composition, I have no doubt I can pull this off. The question is whether or not I want to bump up my fate deck further to 43 (I need at least a couple of those) or decide what to replace them with. Honestly, I don’t feel really good going over the usual 40/40 split because the deck consistency tends to get a little bit wonky after that. I’ll be seeing the card I want appearing less frequently and that irks me a bit.

I don’t think I’ll have that much of a problem if Moto Chen ever shows up. Partly because not all my actions are political in the first place. The artisan part of the control are not political whatsoever, so that’s a relief. The deck can still have problems with swarm though but I hope Wall of Honor and Stand Down! can be enough to save my provinces early in the game.

I’ll probably take out 1 An Imperial Marriage and 1 Reckless Confrontation for 2 Synchronized Attack. Time to see if it works or not. I need to go back and write more Warmachine stuff one of these days. My entire army is now assembled, primed and base coated, even though I was short of 5 small bases. I’ll tell you how I did it next time.


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