Blue office politics

I think I’ve got the concept pat down, but it’s still quite abstracted since I don’t have Doji Shikishi around 😦 Hunting down the girl is hard. So if anyone can help, please drop me a line.

Ahemmm… anyway…

This deck list is kinda the staple in the Crane forums lately. Heavy control with the use of artisans. Sadly, the artisan in question is Doji Shikishi. It’s based off Bryan Reese’s SFP dueling deck found here. What’s interesting about this deck is that you can strip off its duel elements and make it more control-ish. Let’s see what we got here…

Seven Fold Palace


Winter’s Embrace
Doji’s Guidance

3 Doji Shikishi (it’s tough to replace her, you can try Chuda Kanashi but you’ll have to adjust your gold scheme a bit)
3 Doji Umakai
3 Doji Bukita
3 Kakita Hideo
3 Doji Tsubota
Daigotsu Oki
Doji Odaka
Otomo Seimi
Doji Domotai xp4
Kakita Hideo xp
Doji Ayano xp
Asahina Ekei xp
Asahina Okimoto

3 Marketplace
3 Exotic Goods
2 Rich Coffers
2 Acrobat Troupe
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Counting House
Kitsune Den
2 My Father’s Shrine


2 An Imperial Marriage
3 Hamstrung
3 Impromptu Duel
3 Control
3 Test of Sincerity
3 Paid Off
3 Power of Innocence
3 Peaceful Discourse
3 Sullied Gift
3 Wall of Honor
2 Forewarning
2 Prayer for Guidance
3 Settling the Homeless
3 Outer Walls

Ring of Void

Or something like that. Yeah, I’m missing key staples like Distraction at Court and Claw and Shell. You can put those in for a tremendous boost if you have them. This deck is built based on what I have available, more like my alternative for a well known list, if you will. It needs more courtier shenanigans but it’ll flop to Moto Chen if I overdo it. It’s not easy striking a balance, but I’m heading there.

Warning: A smart opponent can cause you to burn your hand with this deck so be careful. Without dueling, it’s harder to replenish your hand due to the absence of Shadow’s Talon. You will need to play your open controls properly and flawlessly.


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