Using your head

With a head that big, I bet he gets +2 to his damage rolls when using headbutts

I had a swell battle box battle with Inzen the other day, had a set of 3 games and lost twice. I could’ve changed how game 3 was played if I had remembered to use the headbutt power attack instead of chopping a Feral Warpwolf up with a single P+S 17 Executioner Axe.

Power attacks generally don’t give you a lot of damage output. Normally you’ll get a damage roll equal to Strength. But the thing is, all these power attacks have one thing in common: they let you control the board. How is this done? Well, two ways:

1) They can alter another player’s model’s position.

2) They can hinder another player’s model via knock down.

Twice I had my Devastator thrown outside of Sorscha’s control range and it made me realise that power attacks do help you a lot if you know how and when to use them. Common ones that I’ve seen used time and again and throw and slam. The ones I seldom (or never) see play are:

1) Weapon/head lock (awesome sauce imho)

2) Headbutt

3) Push (seen this done once, great for getting out of non-reach melee range)

4) Body slam (jacks with useless arms? No problem!)

All these attacks have potential when used at the right time. Often, it’s not the damage that we’re hoping for but it’s the setup for more hurt when another one of your model activates, or to give you some breathing room in order for you to regroup. I’m going to make sure I remember to use my jack’s head next time.


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  1. I was considering using weapon lock and such, but seeing that I have only one heavy warbeast compared to your two heavy warjack, stalling for time is not exactly a good idea. 🙂

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