Stabbing my own katana on the foot

This picture has no relation whatsoever with this article. :p

I took a short break from L5R for a while and got back playing my old and unimproved deck yesterday. Had a bunch of new faces, which I am really glad for. But when everyone saw Seawatch Castle as my stronghold they groaned. This is going to be a bonus for the newbs reading this, as I will share on how to beat dueling. Yes, I play dueling, so why am I shooting (or stabbing as the case may be) on my own foot? Simply because it’s fun and it’ll make me and other duellers play smarter when it comes to dueling.

Let’s face it, dueling is cheating. It doesn’t take force into account most of the time and if you have a train of attachments on your peep, tough luck, everything will go down when you lose a lethal duel. So let’s see how we can handle this duel phenomenon:

1) Have a chi of 7. Do what you can, you need to call strike without focusing against those damn duelist as often as you can. The safest way is to have a chi of 7. Granted, not many cards can reach this number and only kensais have a shot of reaching it (Tempered Nodachi + 1 more random weapon that give +1C). This isn’t foolproof though.

2) Play high chi duelists. Favourites include Tamago, Hisao and Kuronada (yay!) Dueling decks have 3 chi as their average so they can focus most of the time for their funky focus effects. Include these badasses and see your opponent pause. Just call strike with these guys, don’t worry. Even a double KO is a big win for you.

3) Play redirections. The thing about dueling is that it’s a precision strike. It’s supposed to be played where it hurts the most. Having redirections will save you game by sparing that important peep of your from certain death (or send home). Of course, do this before focusing though. Once you focus it’s already too late as no reactions can be played.

4) Play Will. It’s frustrating against dueling decks. Seriously. Take my word for it.

5) Strike. Never give us duellers the chance to focus. Most of the time it’ll be something nasty that you don’t want to happen. Sure, your guy will die but at least you won’t get further insult to go with your injury.

6) Kill those duelists first. The lower chi the better.

So playing against dueling is not impossible to win. In fact, it’s easier to go against a dueling deck now than it was 2 editions back (oh the horror of Crane dueling and its pet rat!). I’m not going to advertise this post, so only newbies that are diligent enough to find out about this blog will gain anything from it. I’m going to play political office next and I’m going to make sure my new deck will eat dueling for lunch…

…maybe… ^.^;;;;


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