Horsies ^.^

I’ve been intrigued by Epic Vlad for a bit and started fantasizing about having lots of money to build myself a cavalry army. A swift, one trick pony hammer that’ll be ruthlessly butchered but provides an insane threat range as well as firepower. The only reason for choosing eVlad is because of his feat. Oh and his mini looks awesome.

Starting at 15:

eVlad, Berserker, Full Uhlan, Kovnik Markov (thanks to the tier 1 bonus, this is possible to do).

25 points:

I can break from the tier list from here on by employing the Drakhun and Fenris. Both good little horse riding maniacs.


another full unit of Uhlans. My army is starting to look crazy. (hooray for tier discounts!)

35 points:

At this point, it’s undisputed that you need more control. Lots of infantry will show up at this point (as if 10 Uhlans aren’t scary enough). I add in Kossites, Great Bears and the War Dog to keep it in tier. You could go with the Widowmakers instead of Kossites but the Kossites add in that x factor that can potentially work well to control your opponent’s movements for you to make good with your Uhlan charges.


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  1. Where did you get the picture? It looks like something related to Barbie:D
    Sweet Pepper? Kuikui :3

  2. Ah, I see you’re starting to look at the ‘Umbrean Horselord’ theme list. Fluff-y armies is always good; i mean for example my army is about Butcher siezing the local Grind Team to use as weapons of war!

    • Yup. Nothing looks as amazing as fielding two full units of Uhlans. Then again, the cost would be high to build it as well >.> Oh well, baby steps… one unit at a time…

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