Warmachine: Your jack can do what?

From Angry Chinaman Arts Gallery

Warmachine is a simple game. It has a good backbone set of rules and nifty abilities on different units and jacks, all of them printed in the card. What we often forget or overlook however, is what is written in the rulebook but not in the cards, especially when it comes to warjacks. So for those snobs who thinks that a faction deck and just buying models would be good enough, think again. You NEED Prime Mk 2 not because of the pretty pictures that come with the basic rules. You need Prime Mk 2 for the power attack rules.

See, here’s the thing about warjack power attacks. There’s a number of them that you can perform by spending 1 focus and they’re situational at best to use them. Most importantly, power attacks aren’t printed on any stat card to date. Take the cheapo Juggernaut for example. Now look at the open fist. How many times did you remember to use the fist to lock a weapon with the model it’s engaged with? Or throw something? Or instead of charging an infantry unit with Beast-09 and using thresher, how many of us remember that it’s more economical to trample instead? Of course, the thresher attack will follow next. If both their arms are totaled? Simple, go for the headbutt. 2d6+12 and knockdown is better than 1d6+16.

So the next time you hit the table with your jacks, think again of what they can do. Every part of the jack is a potential weapon. All you need is extra focus and the imagination to use them.


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