Top 5 Rares – Empire at War

Empire at War expansion (EaW) has come and gone. On the horizon, right during Christmas, AEG has announced, (although indirectly) a new expansion. (The Dead of Winter), with a promising picture what many speculate is Bayushi Muhiko xp.

But that’s 2-3 months down the line. RIght now, we would like to list down, post-EaW, what are the top 5 rares wanted in that set. As per previous disclaimer for TPW, i repeat the following. 😛

Disclaimer : As with every expansion, each set brings out in new exciting cards to change, shake up the environment. I have listed down top 5 rares and uncommons that is sought after in the set. Naturally, i took out personalities since they heavily faction related, while the list is mainly to show the top generic cards.

Top 5 wanted rare cards in EaW
1. Superior Mobility

Another dual ability card that you want. For the first part, unbow your target unit. Enough said. Second part, move an opponent unit, or he dies. Of course there’s a lot of good thing to say about that action. If he goes back, then there’s a possibility that he cannot come back, especially if Inexorable Defeat has been played and the person you’re targetting is not it. If he negates the movement, he dies. A nice piece of choice the opponent have to make. This card fits nicely offensively and defensively.

2. Shameful and Cowardly

Another good card, although I wouldn’t call it completely staple, but it is highly sought after since you with this card, it doesn’t require your guy to perform, so Enough Talk can’t stop this card. The effect is it gives a force penalty of -6F in total targetting two personality and more importantly, it dishonors two guys. No questions asked. That alone makes it a power card since if it hits the high honor clans, it’s very painful, like battle maiden and high ph magistrates. And it you have anything that can affect dishonored personality, this cards set things up for the next kill.

3. Yagimaki’s Fist

Adding to the roster list of good attachment is yagimaki’s fist. At 8g, with 5F and +1C, and it has a built-in ability to destroy any card with 7g and less. Of course, without attachment, but that would mean that it can destroy any attachment with ease, exposing the personality nekid for other stuff. With Kensai on the rise, this card will join the likes of Rising Sun Blade.

4. Fearless Defense

Bow and if you’re more expensive, destroy. It’s a good card to try to play since there’s a potential for destruction if necessary. Can be used offensively or defensively, although it has high potential in crab due to high force high cost personalities. Other clans might not benefit much but in most scenarios, you’re looking at bowing.

5. Battle Fatigue

This card is not exactly hot per say, but it destroys region as well and most of the time, people do perform battle action. So you’re guaranteed to be able to play the card.

Honorable Mention :
Blade of Perfection.
This should have been a rare. A 4g weapon, for +3F/+1C and the capability of remaining unbowed is atrocious. and the reaction to come back from the discard upon destruction, (albeit once per turn) is annoying. A lot action can bypass units that has no unbowed cards, such as precise strike. This blade however, makes the job a lot more difficult. I faced it during prerelease and the blade was simply annoying. 🙂

There you have. In terms of usable must have cards, I would say TPW offers much better option overall themes, but EaW provides cards for deck achetype that is in need of boost, namely kensai, ninja and magistrate.

We will have to see what this environment changes for us. I will post on that particular topic later.


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