Warmachine: My girl with her big toys

For a restarting Warmachine player, it’s no surprise that I’m interested in building a progressive points list so that I’ll be able to save money and get more bang for my buck. One of these attempts is to build a progressive 15-25-35-50 pts list with small increments each time. Meaning, you’ll have 10 point increments for every stage except for the last one at 50 pts, where you’ll have 15 points.

This is just how I do my list. Some people may like to buy everything or anything they fancy first and figure out a list later, which is also cool. I used to do that. But being strapped for cash, I really need to focus on what I like and how I like to play. In short, have a theme for your army and stick with it.

So let’s start with the Battle Box. I love Khador, so I’m going to base my article on that. You can take the broad gist of it and apply it to your own faction if you so wish. A Warmachine Battle Box has 11 points worth of models inside. In Khador’s case, we start off with Kommander Sorscha (or pSorscha, for being a Prime Warcaster), Juggernaut and Destroyer. The minimum skirmish entry point is 15 pts. So logically I only need to augment the Battle Box with a 4 pt unit/solo.

But the thing is, at 15 pts, this is also a good stage for me to include the more exotic warjacks that take up more than 10 points. Yeah, I’ll spend a bit more but it’ll be a strong base for me to build on later. At this point I have 2 options:

1) Add in the Widowmaker unit. 4 pts, assassination tool and able to cherry pick jack boxes and dealing damage. Nice.

2) Remove the Juggernaut from the list, and replace it with Beast-09, which is Sorscha’s personal warjack and has a bonus when it is in her battle group.

Either one of these options will net me 15 pts on the dot. Coming to this stage, you have to set the tone of your army and what you like. For your first 15 points, either choose a good and expensive warjack to replace one of your basic ones or add in supplementary units/solos to fill up the points. What’s important is that you take synergy with your Warcaster when making this decision. In my case, both are good with Sorscha. The Widowmakers can take out troublesome solos or arcnodes on jacks thus giving Sorscha the appropriate cover she needs to go forward for an assassination run. Meanwhile, Beast-09 is lighter on focus usage compared to the Juggernaut, thus giving her more freedom to use her spells more often. For me, I decided with option 2. Because I simply love the idea of a jack army more 🙂

So my first list comes to this (15 pts):

Battle group: Kommander Sorscha (-5) – Beast-09 (11) – Destroyer (9)

Ok, now we ramp it up by going to the 25 point mark next. At this point, you’ll have 10 points worth of models to buy. Again, follow the theme that you want for your army. At this point you can still change your direction if you want to as well. Me, I’m going to stick with my love for warjacks. I don’t really like painting lots of infantry anyway :p So, more jacks it is. But here I have a problem: pSorscha sucks with more than 2 jacks. The focus strain will be increased and I won’t be able to play efficiently. Here’s where the help of a jack marshall comes in. I decided to go with the Koldun Lord because he’s a cool solo. Freeze spells, extra focus to a nearby jack (like say, Beast-09. hehe) and armour bonus when base to base with a jack. That’s 2 points already, leaving me with 8 points left.

In my jack list, 8 points leaves me with either Drago or the Kodiak. Since Drago can’t be marshalled, the Kodiak would be it. The Kodiak is fun, it runs for free, has a combo attack and looks cool. Plus he can make a double handed throw to give Beast-09 something to hack by auto hitting it. So at 25 pts:

Battle group 1: Kommander Sorscha (-5) – Beast-09 (11) – Destroyer (9)

Battle group 2: Koldun Lord (2) – Kodiak (8)

Now that I have a jack marshall, I can go jack shopping again for my next 10 pts, going to the 35 pt mark now. At this stage, I have 2 very interesting options:

1) Spriggan (10 pts)

2) Destroyer (9 pts) + 1 random solo (1 pt. Hmmmmm)

Well, actually I have 3. Here’s the 3rd one:

3) Replace the Kodiak, take 2 Destroyers.

Ok, I want a Sorscha jack army. Cool. Now I’m having jack options. At this point you already develop a certain play style already. Based on your play style, your selection might vary. I can go bombard heavy with choice #3, a balanced one with #2 and make my Koldun more aggressive by #1. #2 is interesting, because that 1 point solo is… …Reinholdt. Or I could pick the War Dog. But neither model could keep up with pSorscha’s speed so I’m going with #1. The Spriggan is a tricky jack to play. It’s a toolbox jack that can either be amazing or an overpriced paperweight. It’s a good solid jack with Reach in either case so it’s good enough for me:

35 pts:

Battle group 1: Kommander Sorscha (-5) – Beast-09 (11) – Destroyer (9)

Battle group 2: Koldun Lord (2) – Kodiak (8) – Spriggan (10)

4 heavy jacks with Sorscha so far. Nice. Makes transporting them a piece of cake :p Now here’s where you have a bit more leeway, the 50 pt mark. Here you’ll have 15 points to play around with so you’ll have enough to get that shiny uber expensive jack/unit that you’re ogling all this time. I can go for a Behemoth and something, but Sorscha can’t afford the focus hog 😦 I want more jacks. So I’ll need a new jack marshall. Enter the Man-o-War Kovnik. This guy performs like a jack himself because he can slam. Sweet. He has Drive too so he’s really a good model to have.

With 12 points left, I decided to fill up the 3rd battle group fully with a couple of Berserkers. A Berserker with the Kovnik results in a non-exploding Berserker. They charge for free so heck, all 3 of them can run headlong into the fray and cause a fair bit of damage. They’re going to be my kamikaze unit that’ll hopefully draw enough fire to keep Sorscha out of harm’s way. So at 50:

Battle group 1: Kommander Sorscha (-5) – Beast-09 (11) – Destroyer (9)

Battle group 2: Koldun Lord (2) – Kodiak (8) – Spriggan (10)

Battle group 3: Man-o-War Kovnik (3) – Berserker (6) – Berserker (6)

6 jacks and a grand total of 9 models at 50 points. At the any stage, running with this army is guaranteed one thing: I’ll always be outnumbered. Good use of the terrain can make a huge difference between a defeat and a victory, but more so with this list of mine. Your list might be vastly different, but it really boils down to what you want at the end of the day. But if you noticed how I based my selection, it’s not just of my jack preference but my choices are made based on their function. The main battle group functions differently than Koldun Lord’s and Kovnik’s group, they can be a terrific independent group yet they can also support each other if need be.

So go ahead and have fun with your army. Though the play and stats are important, I say the most important part about army collecting is that you like looking at them. You’re going to spend considerable time and money painting them up, so make sure you like them enough to plunk money into them. It’s not cheap hobby, but it’s a rewarding one. Though winning is nice, it’s not everything. In Warmachine, giving out pain by executing awesome combos is more fun 🙂 So go out there and have fun, as explained earlier.

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  1. Nice post. I’ve a video on converting the plastic Juggernaut into Beast-09 if you want to save a little money –


    I’m in the process of painting it at the moment.


  2. I recommend at 15 points:

    Sorscha – Beast-09, Destroyer

    At 25 points:

    Sorscha – Beast-09, Juggernaut

    War Dog

    Koldun Lord – Destroyer

    Now all you need is the battlebox, a character jack and 2 solos.
    You don’t wanna strain Sorscha with too many jacks, so always assign jacks to marshals where possible. Destroyers are always good with Koldun Lord cos of his mad power boostin’ skills + jack marshal free boost. Good reliable artillery that uses up none of Sorscha’s precious focus!

    At 35 points:

    Sorscha – Beast-09, Juggernaut

    War Dog

    Koldun Lord – Destroyer.

    4 Widowmakers
    Widowmaker Marksman
    Kell Bailoch
    Gorman Di Wulfe

    At this point most people are gonna start swarming you with infantry, and other than planting two Devastators to plow through them like I do, the Widowmaker firing team is good for thinning the herd a little as well as wasting solos and finishing off jacks and beasties. Gorman is there simply because he’s awesome and can really ruin your opponent’s day.

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