Honorable Mentions – IG3

With IG3, it’s the other direction. The set comes in free with complete playset, so you wont see extraordinary ebay price on it. So i’ll just go ahead and cover some cards that will see play in majority of decks. Again, clan cards will be put aside as it doesn’t create a right results in terms of generic capability.

The cards mentioned here are probably going to be in most decks, at least a copy or two since they have good usage overall.

1) Planned Adversity.

The ability to sack any holding that you may control to look for a key holding is superb. Need that Peddler now? sack a barley farm and look for it. Basically, this card makes it worth inclusion in decks.

2) Deny the Horde

Used to being overwhelmed by the opponent? Well, as a reverse flanked by nightmare, if you’re being outnumbered, this card will even the odds a bit.

3) Faint Praise

More Honor Meta. It’s also conditional against honor run. This might see play or not since there is always Only Action Speaks in the environment for military decks. In dishonor decks though, and I’m expecting the metagame to shift to heavier dishonor this time around, so this card will probably see more play.

4) Strategic Keep

An interesting holding. Even in military decks, sometimes you want to ensure that the opponent have a hard time to counter swing you after you attack, so strategic keep will increase the province strength to ensure safety in numbers. Defensive honor decks will definitely pack these as they can get to higher province strength. It’s highly usable since it provides a solid gold of 4, and it doesnt have any other ability, making it guilt free to bow for gold. In fact, the only thing you use it for is gold.

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